Two days awareness programme on Child Trafficking, Child Labour and Violence against Women

Dr Alana Golmei and Advocate Sona Tsomo from Human Rights Law Network Delhi facilitated the two day programme which was conducted on the 3rd and 4th October 2021 at AMYAA NGO Office, Mayu-II. The programme was attended by Smti. Desai Linggi Chairperson Nani Maria Child Care Institute Roing, Smti. Oimang OC Dambuk , Smti. Neharika Umbrey (Member CWC), Seema Linggi GPC Mayu-II, Azad Mikhu GPC Maselo, GPMs from different village, Smti Rakhi Linggi president EMWEF Smti Sanu Lama from Special adoption Agency (SAA), Smti. Ashman Tali from One Stop Center, Smti Alisha Arangham Superintendent Officer CCI, Shri. RK Paul Chawang President AMYAA NGO, AMYAA team, CHILDLINE team, Students, Youths and the public. The programme was conducted in a very positive note with interactive sessions, queries and clarification on the legal implications on cases related to children and women’s.

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